Underwood 2014

Underwood isn’t the first one on the dance floor, but it knows the moment the tide turns. The moment when the few die hard dancers swaying in the center of an empty dance floor changes into a crush and throng. Underwood is light on its feet, snaps to the rhythm and even has a few unconventional two-steps. It knows how to keep its own space on the dance floor, but will also invite someone in when it needs to. Once in the flush Underwood will stay until last call. Underwood is light and eminently drinkable.  Union Wine Co. trusts in the flavors of this wine and so the taste will linger. It’s an interesting change up from many of the ‘session’ Pinot Noirs that go heavy on the front and then disappear.  Of the flavors the label claims: cherry, blackberry, cola- the cola is the one that rings truest to me- and I mean that in the best way possible. I would also throw in red plum and date.


The biggest question perhaps is how Underwood stacks up to Union Wine Co.’s other Pinot Noir: Kings Ridge? They are both delicious wines, but Underwood’s versatility and light make it my go-to. Kings Ridge heat and earnestness ensures it will always have a place in my heart, but Underwood’s dance moves will not be denied.


Union Wine Co.


Pinot Noir 2014

Tualatin, OR

Willamette Valley

Price: 12-16$

Score: 7.27