Two-Vines 2012

One of my high-school best friends worked at the Recycling Center near the Town Dump, and next door was this non-chain convenience store that had drinks and sodas that I’d never seen before or since. It was dizzying, like when you drive across state lines overnight and the sun comes up of a bunch of unfamiliar brands of road-side stops. Or rather, seeing different names to things you’ve always known. It was at that convenience store that I first got caught up in the whole “fruit-water” craze. The fruit water brand and concept was stunning. It was just flavored water- arguably just like everything else in the cold case, really, but it was clear, and claimed to be more water-like. Two-Vines isn’t too far off from grape fruit water. The wine comes out of the bottle angry, a lot of gasoline and cat-butt, but Two-Vines mellowed out, and each sip became a fairly static profile of Grape Flavor-Ice, Cotton Candy, and Soda.


Two Vines Wine Company

Two Vines

Merlot Cabernet 2012

Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Savingnon

Paterson, WA

Columbia Valley

Price: 4-8$

Score: 4.82