Rascal Pinot Noir

Sometimes the part time drug-dealer you knew had a hobby that took you by surprise. He wasn’t your main guy, he was the funny one- the lazy dealer that was unreliable 90% of the time but when everyone else in town was out, he had an eighth for you. Most of an eighth. There was a couple of fingers pinched. He had a name like Bunky. He had a name like Scoot, or J-Glow, or Jam-bot, or Fly-teez. So this Bingo or Two-Times or Fuzz-Snap or whatever his name is, he has this hobby. He has an entire bookshelf on the moon landing conspiracy. He has an intense interest in board games based on Finnish myth. He can speak at length on the abstract philosophical ramifications of Numismatics. Rascal, by the Great Oregon Wine Company is a surprisingly dry wine for one so intense. It’s got a lot of red plum in the front- with a sucked in waistline and a alcohol-fog finish. It’s reminiscent of grape-blunt wraps. Not tobacco, not marijuana, but the blunt wrap itself. The overall effect is saturated, like playing chess by black light. This isn’t a wine to sit with. This is a wine to overwhelm you, to forget about your troubles. To leave the world behind.


The Great Oregon Wine Company


Pinot Noir

McMinnville, Oregon

Price: 8-12$

Score: 6.70