Hogue 2013

That one friend of yours that’s obsessed with Murder Mystery Dinners. Riding a canoe in a pool. Bird-watching. In fact, the wine at the Bird-Watching Society annual reunion. The cribbage tournament after party. Hogue is a little nutty, is what I’m saying, and better than it has any right to be. It’s an earthy, autumnal wine with a joyful mineral sparkle to it. I get the currant the label claims, right up front but its mostly toasted walnut through the middle. It’s dry at the end too, surprisingly dry. It’s like your mouth remembering it was once a smoker. Even if it wasn’t. I guess that dryness is supposed to be the trigger to take another sip- and that’s no problem at all. This wine more than exceed expectations based on its price. It was on sale, sure, but still, this bottle cost me seven dollars and no seven dollar bottle of wine should be this drinkable. This is exactly the type of wine Tawny Portland was created to celebrate: tasty wine that exceeds its labels.



Red Table Wine 2013

Columbia Valley

Prosser, WA

Price: 4-8$

Score: 7.07