Firesteed 2013


Imagine being on an elevator with a stranger for several floors and right before you get off they complain bitterly, seething through the teeth, at package delivery rates at the Post Office. Or – stranger and less consequential- imagine being in line at the bank when the person behind you in line is emphatically gushing to you about just now meeting some celebrity you’ve never heard of. And their enthusiasm about this celebrity is so intense it makes the idol in question sound like a big deal and you have to question how in touch with the world you are- while, while, the person in line keeps demanding, “Can you believe it?” You cannot. Firesteed brings a lot of alcohol to the nose but the opening flavors are so light they virtually disappear. In the middle there is some definite fruit – Italian plumb & strawberry and then, that’s it. Firesteed is a very light wine with that background in juice-boxness. It leaves me with the question: why should I care about this wine? Did I know that person in the elevator? Who is this celebrity I keep hearing about?



Firesteed Cellars

2013 Pinot Noir

Rickreall, OR

Price: 8-12$

Score: 6.41