Farmlands 2011

Whenever I introduce my friends to Settlers of Catan, I tell them its a communist version of Risk. It’s a muddled analogy at best, but what I mean is: the wheat. Farmlands reminds me of that same flaxen gold. It’s a conversational white, one that avoids simple classification into buttery or citrus. Farmlands presents bright up front; its got a brassy nose , but not a high note.  A low mid range member of the brass section, trombone or flugelhorn. Farmlands comes heavy in the middle but unlike a lot of thick whites there’s none of the aforementioned butter. It has that same mathematical quality as Catan. It’s the mathematics of the board game that gives it that special tension, the feeling of possibility. The experience of probability. Farmlands gives us a stoic finish. Green leaves, nutmeg, stainless steel. This is an end of summer white, perfect for the kind of cool nights that follow warm days. It’s balance of coziness and light make this a clear eyed autumnal primer.


Johan Vineyards


White Blend 2011

Willamette Valley

Rickreall, OR

Price: 12-16$

Score: 7.05