Bridgeview 2013

Sometimes you get invited, through your own work- or dragged by a friend to some kind of holiday/charity party, that, while vaguely dull and suffocating, you end up having a good time anyway. Bridgeview is like that. Cloyingly sweet, this is the wine equivalent of effusive small talk- this wine is full of time-honored and unfunny jokes that nonetheless render the teller funny. Bridgeview has gone full throated on the cherry here, verging on cake frosting. The only thing that keeps it in check is the secondary note of oak- something I wish the wine had a bit more of. This is a southern Oregon wine and I can see pairing it with camping, or taking this bottle for a swim.


Bridgeview Vinyards

Pinot Noir 2013

Cave Junction, Oregon

Price: 8-12$

Score: 5.91