14 Hands Hot to Trot

I used to love going to Blockbuster Video. For one thing it was always open late, and being the type of young person that didn’t wake up until six or seven at night, having a place to go to until midnight was powerful. There were so many things to like about Blockbuster: the muted atmosphere, the sterile lights beating back the deadness of the closed stripmall. TVs perched at the corners of the ceiling playing Star Wars or Election or whatever the employees put on. What always amazed me about Blockbuster was the snacks: they stocked theatre sized versions of Swedish Fish and Non-Perils that was suited for the movies. And I loved the strange assumption that someone would go to Blockbuster expect a movie theatre-like experience. There’s a quality to 14 Hands that’s like those Blockbuster snacks. The overlying theme is soda, with Red Vines mixed in. The fancy perspective on these flavors is that it is a light front with an immediate caramel middle with a prune twist and ends light and tart. But all I’m getting is the only thing open at 11:45 on a Tuesday in the suburbs where a loner can meet some old friends. That horrible carpet. This is a wine to watch a movie to. This is a wine to drink alone.


14 Hands Winery

Hot to Trot Red Blend

Columbia Valley

Paterson, WA

Price: 8-12$

Score: 6.65